Beginning in the fall of 2014, the public datasets detailing the activities of Export-Import Bank of the United States were gradually removed from the federal government's open data site,

As of February 2015, every one of the Export-Import Bank files originally available on have been removed.

On this site, we are now providing the full dataset that was once available on that provides detailed information about the Export-Import Bank's activities from FY2007 through FY2014.

We are also including separate state-by-state datasets with information about the Export-Import Bank's beneficiaries from across the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Data originally from Data.Gov

The dataset below used to be available in its entirety on The file includes information on every reported application that the Export-Import Bank received from 2007 through 2014 (when it was pulled down), along with information about which were approved or denied, what type of financing was sought or issued and by how much, a description of the products that were financed, and the identity of each primary party to a transaction, including the applicant, the exporter, the supplier, the borrower, the buyer, and the source of repayment.

The parties responsible for maintaining this dataset on mysteriously decided to remove this information without announcement or explanation by at least September of 2014.

Fortunately, we saved a clean copy of this important public resource before the dataset disappeared.

Years Title
2007-2014 All Reported Applications (Excel, CSV)

Data now on Data.Gov

On February 13, 2015, two days after this site launched, Ex-Im data reappeared on Data.Gov. The new dataset was not identical to the one we posted. It contained only authorizations, not applications that had been denied. The new dataset also contained some additional records from 2014.

In addition, the new dataset varies from the old one by containing different fields. Importantly, the new dataset lacks the "Primary Buyer," "Primary Source of Repayment," and "Primary Supplier" fields, which are valuable to the public in evaluating Ex-Im loans.

Years Title
2007-2014 Authorizations (Excel, CSV)
2007-2014 Records missing in the data currently on Data.Gov (Excel, CSV)
2007-2014 Records currently on Data.Gov not present in the original file (Excel, CSV)

State data compiled by the authors from Exim.Gov

The Export-Import Bank continues to make some data available by state, but not in a machine-readable format. We have compiled the data from the website into Excel spreadsheets.

Because the Ex-Im Bank claims to provide critical support to small business, we have also broken out small business loans into a secondary sheet in each state file.

Years Title
2007-2014 Overall State Data and Rankings
2007-2014 State Rank by Export Value
2007-2014 State Rank by Disbursements
2007-2014 Alabama
2007-2014 Alaska
2007-2014 Arizona
2007-2014 Arkansas
2007-2014 California
2007-2014 Colorado
2007-2014 Connecticut
2007-2014 Delaware
2007-2014 District of Columbia
2007-2014 Florida
2007-2014 Georgia
2007-2014 Hawaii
2007-2014 Idaho
2007-2014 Illinois
2007-2014 Indiana
2007-2014 Iowa
2007-2014 Kansas
2007-2014 Kentucky
2007-2014 Louisiana
2007-2014 Maine
2007-2014 Maryland
2007-2014 Massachusetts
2007-2014 Michigan
2007-2014 Minnesota
2007-2014 Mississippi
2007-2014 Missouri
2007-2014 Montana
2007-2014 Nebraska
2007-2014 Nevada
2007-2014 New Hampshire
2007-2014 New Jersey
2007-2014 New Mexico
2007-2014 New York
2007-2014 North Carolina
2007-2014 North Dakota
2007-2014 Ohio
2007-2014 Oklahoma
2007-2014 Oregon
2007-2014 Pennsylvania
2007-2014 Puerto Rico
2007-2014 Rhode Island
2007-2014 South Carolina
2007-2014 South Dakota
2007-2014 Tennessee
2007-2014 Texas
2007-2014 Utah
2007-2014 Vermont
2007-2014 Virginia
2007-2014 Washington
2007-2014 West Virginia
2007-2014 Wisconsin
2007-2014 Wyoming